Carpe Diem #354/ Blessed with a Daughter

Carpe Diem
I haven't found how to add the music yet, but I'm afraid its late in the month to start now. It's a lovely piece too, oh well. This poem is inspired by the music from the month long artist Adrian von Ziegler, Alvae, and my belief in Native Choice.

Blessed with a Daughter

 Hands, of reverent care
 Plant the oak, a symbol for
 his daughter's birth

The Awe people are the most threatened native tribes on the planet. They live off the tropical forest that has seen 30% of the major area devastated by loggers. About 450 remain and of those 100 have no interaction with  modern society.   They have the right to live their lives the way the choice. Brazil, save the Awe!

Thank you.....Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Copyright © 2013 SaFire


  1. Nice tribute to the Awe people SaFire ... they look very similar with the Alvae as mentioned in the music and the haiku.

    1. I thought so too! That is why I join them. I think his idea for a novel is a great one!
      Thank you Krisjaan!

  2. The threatened peoples of the world are forgotten because of non-discoveries. They shy away.Threatened animals apparently get more attention as man discover them. Nicely SaFire!


    1. I agree Kaykuala! There needs to be a change in how we think.
      Thank you!

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